Hey,pidatou,my love .

I want you to see you how I see you.

Do you remember the first day we met?

Since that day your deep amber eyes into the depths of my heart and found a home in me.

That singular memory grew with every encounter, and the momentum gave bloom to a kaleidoscopic cascade of emotion, that has flowed until this day into the cracks between the seconds.

It's the brush that colours the world behind my eyes with your being.

I see you in the moonlight, I see you in the gale, I see you in the sunlight.

Each ray of light that enters my eyes is bound to a memory of you.

I experienced this beautiful world all over again with your perspective.

I could no more separate the impressions you've etched into my soul than I would be jealous of you staying in touch with someone who once loved you.

You're under my every inch of my skin, inside and out,behind my vision.Like light through painted glass, you decorate my mind with echoes of your warm and lovely.

The space between my thoughts is alive with traces of the sunlight, like wind stirring distant chimes.

When I imagine you I see eyes that gloden gentle as water and condenses like willow branches brushing the water,creating ripples in my heart.

A gaze that reflects the steaar of the sky in all its variations.

When I close my eyes, your voice becomes a whisper in a place so deep that it easy for me to fall in love with you again….

Ripples of our time together travel to the black marble of my thought and light stars in this ocean.

Stars that light the dark side place inside me with the warmth of a thousand suns .

My ever biggest fear was I’ll one day lose you .And though we’ll live on in so many ways.

To me ,the world will may not be so interesting after all.

Sun of all suns .

In every present moment I know how lucky and blessed I am to know you.And that you make life colorful in every way .

I want someone who I could collaborate with on my crazy ideas and that’s you.

Your presence makes my happiness fuller and with that you make my heart overflow with love that I can share with others .And in that way ,you’ve also given me a gift that I can share .

You will of course know that this is a gift that I have prepared for you in this private space, and I guess only you can see it.

I want you to know that too……. My love ,my mirror ,my other half,I love you so much.